What is writers block? How do you fix it?

I’m writing this because I have writers block. Sort of ironic considering I’m currently writing something. Inception? Anyways, writers block is a strange thing. How can we simply have nothing to write? I personally think we all have some thought-provoking ideas in our intricate brains. Most of the time, writers block is not the lack of things to write but it’s not being able to put those thoughts into words. These are tips I personally find helpful in overcoming this small challenge.

1. Read other people’s writing.

I usually come on here and read through some posts from people I follow until I get an idea of what I want to write. Sometimes I go back and read my favorite parts of books I’ve already read or just start reading a new book all together! If this fails I move on to the next step.

2. Music & pictures

I often find that listening to music or looking at pictures helps get my creative juices flowing (I am aware that sounds gross I’m sorry haha). Sometimes even music videos can inspire me. If this doesn’t work then I move on to my last resort.

3. Start writing!

I just start jotting down all of my thoughts like I’ve done now. Eventually, you’ll find a way to articulate full sentences and tweak your writing to something readable. This whole thing was off of the top of my head and maybe I’ll do a more detailed one when I’m feeling a bit more creative but that’s all for this one.

The most important thing in all of these is simply inspiration. Find something, anything, that fits your mood and what you’re trying to write and go from there. My English teacher once told me that you can recognize a good writer as someone who is being themselves and trusting their instincts.

Hope my rambling session helped someone out there. Happy writing! 🙂

See you soon! xoxo, “Crystal” 


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